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Mama P's Chocolate Ho-Ho Cake in Kenosha

Kaiser's World Famous Pizza & Pub

Chocolate Ho-Ho Cake in Kenosha

So you’ve had a great dinner at Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub, and now it’s time for dessert. How about Mama P’s Original Chocolate Ho-Ho Cake in Kenosha? The perfect treat that’s homemade from Kenosha is the best cap to your delicious meal from Kaisers. What used to be only sold at Lou Perrine’s can now be found on your dinner table at Kaiser’s!

Delicious and coming in more than one flavor, the Chocolate Ho-Ho Cake in Kenosha is a family classic that everybody loves. Come into our restaurant and get yourself the perfect slice of pizza, maybe a drink, and enjoy the atmosphere that has family and friends sitting amongst you. Whether you’re sitting down, or taking out, don’t forget to order yourself a chocolate Ho-Ho Cake in Kenosha.

If you’re bringing family and friends that are visiting the downtown Kenosha area, Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub is a staple that needs to be stopped at. You can get two birds with one stone and also show them the amazing chocolate Ho-Ho Cake in Kenosha, which is now recognized regionally rather than just locally! Stop in or give us a call today and place your order for the sweetest treat in the entire town, the chocolate Ho-Ho Cake in Kenosha!