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Kaiser's World Famous Pizza & Pub

Gluten-Free Pizza in Kenosha

Searching for the perfect gluten-free pizza in Kenosha? Then you’ve come to the right place! Kaiser’s is proud to offer the best quality gluten-free pizza in the area! We understand that the complications of celiac disease (or having a sensitivity to gluten in your diet) can make it difficult to enjoy delicious pizza. That’s why we’ve spent years perfecting our gluten-free pizza recipe to ensure the best flavor, consistency, and mouthfeel. Order a gluten-free pizza from Kaiser’s today and try it for yourself!

About Kaiser's:
Behind Our Gluten-Free Pizza in Kenosha

Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub Kenosha was founded by Lenny Morgan and opened in January of 2008 in downtown Kenosha located at 510-57th Street. Lenny had purchased the building a few years earlier with the intention of renting. When that didn’t work out he decided to start a restaurant that featured his “world-famous pizza”. Lenny also owned and operated Kaiser’s in Gurnee, selling it in 2015. In May of 2017, Lenny sold the original Kenosha location to his long-time operations manager Dana Nelson. She and her husband Terry Nelson will run the restaurant with their own style of management while maintaining Lenny’s original concepts and recipes.