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Kaiser's World Famous Bar & Grill

World Famous Pizza in Kenosha

Do you want a slice of world famous pizza in Kenosha? Come to Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub! Our delectable pizza never disappoints. Our world famous pizza comes in a large variety. We have classic pizzas, specialty pizzas, and build-your-own pizza! There is something for everyone. No matter your taste bud cravings, we have a pizza that is right for you! Whether you are in the mood for thin crust, pan, or double decker, we have got you covered! Once you have a taste of our world famous pizza, you will want more. If you come on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday you can enjoy all the pizza you would like through our all-you-can-eat pizza days!

Take a peak at our menu for more details on our pizza options. We can’t wait for you to try our world famous pizza in Kenosha!

Kaiser's World Famous Pizza at Your Fingertips

You don’t have to travel far to try world famous pizza. We have it right here, in Kenosha! Kaiser’s has had a long reputation for delicious pizza. That is why when Dana Nelson and Terry Nelson took over the Kaiser’s establishment in May of 2017 they kept the famous, classic menu items that all the locals have fallen in love with. Not only did they keep the same menu, but they have improved on recipes along with adding their own menu items for a new touch.

When you are ready to try world-famous pizza in Kenosha, head over to Kaisers! We will great you with a smile, a good atmosphere, and mouthwatering food! We also have a full-functioning bar to add a thirst-quenching drink to go along with your dinner. And make sure to check out our Facebook page to keep up with all things Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub!

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